Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisfied people who wear hearing aids.  Here is a sample of a few of those people.

Stella H. writes:

“Back in July of 2016 I had an appointment at your office and at that time I purchased the Phonak ComPilot Air II with Phonak TVLink II. I just want to say how excited I became the first time I used it and experienced hearing every word clearly and how wonderful it was not having to have the television volume way up high and still not hearing all the words being spoken. I highly recommend it for all your patients who truly want to enjoy watching their programs on TV and not miss out hearing clearly every single word being said. I am extremely happy with this product and I THANK YOU for recommending it.”


W. Masten writes:

“A whole new world of hearing. A conversation with both talking AND listening to my grandchildren. Like hearing the world all over again.”
“The best money I’ve ever invested!”


S. Debrux writes:

“I went to Dr. Esse’s office “kicking and screaming”. My wife is very happy that I did!”



K. Emerson writes:

“Excellent service! Very happy with my experience at Daniel Island Hearing Center!”



L. McLaughlin:

“Dr. Esse and the entire staff rock! Always professional, friendly and welcoming!”



J. Greenway writes:

“Wish all my doctors were as professional as Dr. Esse. Always on time, doesn’t rush me, patiently accesses my needs.”



M. Brondsema writes:

“Dr. Esse is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She is understanding and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process! I would highly recommend her and her wonderful staff to anyone with hearing loss!”



A. Burt writes:

“Being able to hear better is awesome! Thanks to you for giving me back my hearing!”



P. Stencel of Daniel Island writes about her experience at Daniel Island Hearing Center:

“After several years of struggling to hear, I made a great decision. I visited Dr. Jennifer Esse. Great move. I have my hearing & my life back! Dr. Esse really ‘listens‘ & ‘hears‘ you.”



B. Moore of Mount Pleasant writes:

“In my 72 years of being seen/cared for by ENTs, audiologists, and others both military and civilian, Dr. Esse has been the most professional and knowledgeable with diagnosing my hearing problems and rendering solutions.”



M. Key of Charleston writes:

“I would like to thank Dr. Esse for giving me a gift I have missed out on for 47 years.  It has opened up a new world for me.  I would recommend her to anyone with hearing loss.”



B. Moore of Wadmalaw Island writes:

“Nothing but good feelings!”



L. Wood of Mount Pleasant writes:

“Daniel Island Hearing Center evidently does as much as possible to provide the assistance needed to improve their patients hearing health.”



D. Davidson of Charleston writes:

“Performance is best measured in results. To date the results are excellent.”



J. Williams of Charleston writes:

“Excellent Service, Good Result!”



R. Morrison of McClellanville writes:

“I have had hearing aids from (a major hearing aid chain). They were never satisfactory. These with you are excellent! “



M. Watson of Charleston writes:

“Thanks for a great job! I’m hearing a lot better!”



E. Baker of Mount Pleasant writes:

“It’s great to hear things I have been missing for some time, especially at a meeting or in a crowd!”



J. Binko writes:

“I searched for months looking for an audiologist who was knowledgeable of my hearing needs. I have attended two of her seminars and saw she knew her business and had an excellent product. She is also a doctor of audiology which was very important to me. I found her to 100% interested in the patient. I know for sure I made the right choice going with Dr. Esse for my hearing needs…I highly recommend her to others in need of fine hearing aids. Thank you.”



J. Greenway of Daniel Island writes:

“Always available, even at a moment’s notice. I never feel rushed with my appointments. Extremely professional in treatment, yet so caring and approachable.”



M. Simmons of Mount Pleasant writes:

“I am very satisfied with my overall experience. There was no pressure in my decision or limited time in follow-up visits for adjustments. Dr. Esse is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly at the same time. I would recommend her to anyone!”



R. Houghton of Daniel Island reports:

“Dr. Esse was very thorough, professional, and patient in familiarizing me with all of the advancements in hearing aid technology, and has continued since purchase with adjustments to satisfy all of my desires in helping me hear.”



R. Bolchoz of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“By nature, I’m impatient, but the staff at Daniel Island Hearing Center made this process a manageable, even pleasant, experience. Now I enjoy the simple pleasure of hearing clearly again. Many thanks!”



J. Heckmann of Daniel Island writes:

“You made the transition to hearing aids easy & pleasant. I am extremely satisfied with the results!”



L. Keyser of Charleston writes:

“I was pleased with the service and care I received on my first visit to Daniel Island Hearing Center is 2006. Dr. Esse was very thorough in explaining my loss of hearing. I am satisfied with the hearing aids she recommended to suit my needs.”



P. Stirling of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“Great Care & Service!”



R. Uptegrove of Hanahan writes:

“Dr. Esse was very friendly and put me at ease. She conducted a hearing test and explained my options. I have been very pleased with my results. I can confidently recommend her to anyone with hearing loss.”



From Diane Casella of Mt. Pleasant:

“My quality of hearing has changed so much since going to Dr. Esse. She fitted me with hearing aids right for me. I would recommend Dr. Esse and her wonderful staff to anyone needing an audiologist.”



Richard Brannan writes:

“Dr. Esse and Staff are professional, friendly and thoughtful. I would highly recommend their services to others needing hearing assistance.”



Jan Dolber of Charleston writes:

“I have never been taken care of so well by any other specialist. Dr. Esse was so patient and understanding during my rough beginning and I really appreciate her diligence.”



Frank Joseph Kennedy of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“Yes, I was the lucky one that won a free pair of digital hearing aids….brought me back the sound of crickets, the sounds that rain drops make as they fall on the leaves of a tree, being able to understand what children say when they have a question, being able to hear my wife whisper in my ear “I love you” without having to say: “Huh?”. I hadn’t realized what sounds I had lost. Yes, I was the lucky one, but if they were taken back from me today, I would be buying a pair tomorrow knowing now that they are worth every penny spent.”



Roger Ruth of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“I was very pleased with my entire purchase experience. I would describe my care as professional.”



S.W. of Belton, S.C. writes:

“I am well pleased with my experience at the Daniel Island Hearing Center. I have gotten immediate service when I had a problem/question. I am so thankful my daughter referred me to the seminar. I can hear & my life has improved!”



Nancy Brawley of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“I have enjoyed wearing my new digital hearing aid. I definitely can tell when I don’t have it on for meetings, television and one on one conversation!”



Mary Burin of Charleston writes:

“Excellent service! I’m very happy to have found you and surely will be more than happy to recommend you!”



Peter Wood of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“Dr. Esse does a very good job! My wife thanks her wholeheartedly now that I can hear most of what she says. I can still pretend not to hear but I do hear much better!”



Sandy Deal of Mount Pleasant, SC writes:

Thank you so very much for taking the time with me that I needed to fit and program my hearing aid. I have had hearing aids since grade school and I am now 40 years old. This has been the best experience I have ever had. I am so pleased. I am so amazed by how much of my life I was missing by not hearing well! I’m lost without my hearing aid now! Thank you for all you have done for me. I never thought there would be help for me!”



Grace Dunbar of Mount Pleasant, SC has worn various hearing aids throughout her life with only limited success. She is thrilled with her new digital hearing aids, stating:

“They truly gave me a new lease on life!” She is amazed at hearing so many things she has missed over the years, saying, “I can even hear the birdies sing and I have not heard that for years!”



Juanita Arcalas of Goose Creek, SC writes:

“I am satisfied & happy with my hearing aids. I can hear my grand-children talk to me!”



Chat Whitmore of Daniel Island writes:

“Dr. Esse gave me professional, unbiased advice and hearing tests. Her after-sale service was excellent. She made me glad that I was one of their patients.”



N. J. Nettles of Charleston writes:

” I’ve been very pleased with the knowledge about numerous options for hearing aids provided to me by Dr. Esse. She answered every one of my numerous questions fully, and encouraged me to return to obtain optimal settings for my devices. I recommend her to anyone who has worries about receiving full, accurate information about choosing the right hearing aid for their particular situation by an audiologist who has a personal and compassionate manner.”



J.B. of North Charleston writes:

“I was impressed with the level of knowledge and customer orientation from Dr. Esse. I would recommend your center/services to anybody needing hearing help!”



R. Force of Isle of Palms writes:

“I am very happy with the service. You have been very helpful and friendly.”



M. Nolen of Charleston writes, “A visit to your office is always an overall pleasant experience. Thank you!”


J. Doar of Mt. Pleasant writes: “Totally Professional”



B. Brewer of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“Dr. Esse was very sensitive to my needs. It has been a very pleasurable experience, filled with surprises when you can finally hear!”



W. Weber of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“What a great and wonderful experience! I would recommend Dr. Esse to anyone who may think they have a hearing loss or would just like to have their hearing tested.”



H. Woodberry of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“I was very pleased with all services and am delighted with my new hearing aids.”



H. M. Moore II of Mt. Pleasant writes:

“They helped me make the right choice for me and I have no problem with my new hearing aids. I even like the updates (newsletters) they send by mail… And it’s the first time I got my name pulled out of a drawing and won free batteries, which is pretty awesome and cool!”